Welcome to the Canadian Coalition for In-Home Care

The Canadian Coalition for In-Home Care is a national non-profit organization formed in 1987 to represent the interests of caregivers, employers, and Agencies involved in the in-home care placement industry, and to lobby government for equitable solutions to issues of concern to it’s members.

The Coalition believes in quality care, that is accessible, affordable and flexible for children,seniors, the disabled and the chronically ill, in a natural home environment. We are concerned about quality in-home care. We have come together to help each other personally and professionally by sharing information and resources.

Commitment to Professional Excellence

  • Respect the contributions of individuals involved in
    professional home cleaning services
  • Maintain high standards of professional conduct
  • Respect and suport families in their task of nurturing
    children, and caring for the sick and elderly.
  • Promote the physical, emotional, intellectual and social
    development of children
  • Support the lifelong process of personal growth and
    professional development

Our Objectives

  1. To advocate for fair employment practices for both caregivers and employers.
  2. To co-operate and liaise with Provincial and Federal governments to develop procedures that will efficiently deliver an employment programme to meet the needs of Canadian in-home employers, most of whom are working parents.
  3. To promote the standards and recommended practices for professional and ethical code of behaviour for Agencies.
  4. To advocate for easier access to in-home caregivers through an overseas programme, when there is a shortage of local caregivers for Canadian working families.
  5. To encourage a better understanding of, and appreciation for, multiculturalism through living together in a home environment.
  6. To have government recognize, encourage, promote and support in-home employers and employment Agencies as small businesses, each of whom undertakes a share of the responsibility for providing care without financial assistance from government.

Recent News and Updates